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Sun Moon Lake Trips

Sun Moon Lake Trips: The Beautiful Paradise in Taiwan

     Sun Moon Lake is the largest natural Taiwan's lake, sits at an altitude of 762m in the mountains of Nantou County, Yuchih Township in the center of Taiwan. My teacher said that the sun moon lake is a very popular and beautiful lake in Taiwan. the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area has become a popular tourist destination for tour groups and individual travelers. And my teacher arranges the agenda to go there together with our classmate department. On March 26, we decided to have a one day trip to some beautiful places in Taiwan included sun moon lake. Then March 26 08.30 Am, we gather in front of the Administrative Building. we have so many destinations today, our destination starts in the Hidden Village then Wen Wu Temple  (文武廟) then sun moon lake and the last in Qingjing Farm (清境農場).

At 9.30am we arrive in the Hidden Village we have a look for one hour then we go to Wen Wu Temple  (文武廟) and walk around the temple to see artistic building and Taiwanese Culture, then at 11.30 we arrived in sun moon lake, we stopped numerous times to enjoy the views and the trip took us from 11:30am – 01:00pm. I’m very surprised when first time looking for the lake, The water of Sun Moon Lake is clear, crystalline, emerald-colored green, very Beautiful and the scenery really Amazing because of that I call sun moon lake “the beautiful paradise in Taiwan”. The natural beauty is enhanced by numerous cultural and historical sites and Well-known for both at Taiwan and abroad.

Not only we stop numerous times to enjoy the amazing sites and scenery, but we also had to enjoy our food. We walk around the sun moon lake market to buy some food, we buy Choutofu (臭豆腐) with a nice smell, cipai with spicy topping, and shrimp with beautiful topping, then we share the food with the classmate. We also bring Indonesian food and ask the teacher to try Indonesian food, then we eat together in the desk of the lake while enjoying the food we also enjoy the scenery that spoils our eyes and our eyes are always amazed at how beautiful this lake is. We are very grateful to the teachers for bringing us to this beautiful place. We really enjoy today’s trip, because we too enjoyed, we forgot to take many pictures together, but we will never forget how beautiful this lake is.

Can not wait to the next trip to Qingjing Farm (清境農場),  Qingjing Farm we are coming.  

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