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Introduction to EMI (English Medium Instruction)
“English Medium Instruction (EMI) refers to the use of the English language to teach academic subjects (other than English itself) in countries where the first language of the majority of the population is not English.
Currently, the world is seeing a boom in EMI as an educational model in universities, secondary schools and even primary schools; however, the implications of this growing trend remain severely under-researched. EMI is increasingly being implemented via top-down policies, sometimes with little attention to the educational implications that learning through a second language can have for the millions of students affected.” (Adopted from Oxford University Department of Education)
        In Taiwan, our government hopes to build a bilingual nation by 2030. Therefore, Asia University has joined this program in 2021. We hope to create an English environment in class for students to adapt to the new era of a global country. Hence, our department will increase more classes by EMI each year to cultivate the young lawyers to survive and compete around the globe.