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Major Accomplishments


International MA Courses and International Exchange Programs

Department of Financial and Economic Law has been dedicated to assist and act in concert with Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy. Asia University and China Medical University have acted in collaboration and launched a Taiwan Indonesian Educational Centre, a commission that was given by the Ministry of Education. During December 14-17, 2018, exhibitions of ‘2017 Indonesia and Taiwan Higher Education Expo’ were held in Surabaya and Yogyakarta which gave a boost to the Taiwanese higher education internationalization. With Yogyakarta ’s Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) ranking as one of the top five universities in Indonesia and also being Asia University’s sister school, it pushes forward the collaboration process between countries, cultures, and the workforce that is to be anticipated. UMY has been signing up collaboration agreements with 110 universities around the world, ranging from Europe, America, and to Asia, giving the academic field a bigger chance for collaboration in their research studies.


Universities undertaking Social Responsibilities Program

To enforce the collaboration between universities and regions, to fulfil social responsibility, and to nurture university students whom can contribute to the society, our department has launched ‘Universities undertaking Social Responsibilities Program’ in accordance with the Ministry of Education. Faculties and students team up into groups and set up plans to act as local intellectual roles to assist in local developments. We seek out the problems and needs in local areas and provide solutions. With effective and diversified workforce, our department has been assisting regional integration, the innovative development of both the small and medium enterprises and the local culture. Through the immense learning process, students feel the need to be an essential role for the community, and develop deeper identification with the community.


Internship Programs with the Taichung Local Courts

To ensure research-based and hands-on practice can be put together, and to fortify students’ competitiveness in the job market, our Financial and Economic Law Department has launched internship programs with the Taichung Local Courts.


Students attaining lawyer’s license!

Big congratulations to six of our students attaining lawyer’s license! Students claim that in order to become a lawyer much preparation is needed, with the life of continuous study and practice, some might be lost during the way, thus, it is very important to set out a proper motive and goal. With a clear goal in mind, it would be easier to persevere and go through the tough process.


Internship Programs with the Administrative Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Justice

Our Financial and Economic Law Department has signed an internship program with the Administrative Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Justice. The chief of the department gave a speech on ‘The E-generation Government should not be left in the Clouds - to start from the Administration’ in which he insisted that the e-generation government should build a proper concept of providing good service for the general public by using the right attitude, giving sufficient information when required, eliminating the public’s dissatisfaction, emphasizing on the right working and administrative attitude, and to bring the quality of service to the next level. Through this internship program, students from Asia University can gain a better understanding of how the administration works, and how the entire process from compulsory execution, (properties) sealing up by the court, to auction works. Through practical internship-work, it gives the students a chance for a hands-on experience and also gives them an insight of how the real workplace facilitates.


Congratulations to our students attaining lawyer’s license!

Yang Zhusui and Yang Zhongxian have become the first two whom have graduated from our department to attain lawyer’s license, marking a milestone since the establishment of Financial and Economic Law Department of Asia University. It is a great honour for both our department and for the school and it also sets out a great example for the students whom await to become lawyers some day in the future as well.